Вторичная металлургия – будущее современной цивилизации

The whole human civilization can be undoubtedly described as “steel civilization” as steel is the primary material used in mechanical engineering, power engineering, transport industry, building and construction, automobile and oil and gas industries.
ALZ LLP is a domestic “greenfield” based secondary metallurgy plant successfully operating both at domestic and foreign markets.
Effective use of secondary steel resources is one of the strategic priorities of industrial development of our country. In fact, if construction of complete cycle metallurgy enterprises requires billions of dollars to be invested, these investments reach in average 1.5-2 thousand dollars per 1 tone of production capacity, and average investments in construction of secondary metallurgy plants are 300 dollars per 1 tone of production capacity, i.e. 5-7 times less. If compared to complete cycle metallurgy, hazardous emissions to the environment are approximately 10 times less. Secondary metallurgy plants are environmentally friendly with regard to utilization of mineral resources of the country. Currently, 1 Mio tpy mini-plants manufacture 70% of all the steel produced worldwide.
In June 2006, an electric arc furnace shop was put in to operation with production capacity of 90.0 thousand tones of finished products per year. The main raw material is ferrous scrap.
Output products are 3 ST grade continuous casting square billets, size 125 x 125 mm, length 6 meters.
The second process stage of manufacturing enterprise – a roll mill with capacity of 400,0 tons of finished products per year – was commissioned in July 2009 during the telebridge with participation of N.A. Nazarbayev, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In September 2011, production capacity of steelmaking reached 180 thousand tons per year.

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