About us

• ALZ LLP is registered in the Department of Justice of Mangistau region, Republic of Kazakhstan, No. 5938-1943-LLP dated January 16, 2004. The company has state license МО No. 008 dated October 14, 2005.
• Activity: Collection (procuring), storage, processing and sale of scrap and waste of nonferrous and ferrous metals. Foundry and rolling production.
• Total area owned by the company is 12 ha that includes administrative and utility buildings (2-storey office, canteen for 250 places, hostel for nonresident employees for 150 beds), oxygen shop and the entire infrastructure.

ALZ LLP is a rapidly growing enterprise:
• Two plants – foundry plant with capacity 180,000 tpy and roll mill with capacity 400,000 tpy –have been put into operation in 2006-2012.

• We have well-established links to export foundry plant outputs to Iran.
• Contracts to sale metal-roll at the domestic market are in place.
• The main raw material used to manufacture steel billets is ferrous scrap.

• Annually, the ferrous scrap volume increases by half a million tons. In the course of time, bad-ageing and dynamically retired metal fund can provide for increase by a million tons each year. After collapse of the USSR, on the territory of Kazakhstan there turned out to be a lot of facilities of national standing, metal fund of which estimates billion tons.
• Annually, Kazakhstan exports more than 2 Mio tons of metal scrap while importing expensive steel products.
• In the production process, ALZ LLP uses secondary scrap wastes as an important source of raw material for metallurgical industry, and this allows not only for saving natural resources but for finding the best solutions to reduce environmental impact of wastes.

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