Output Products

Type of products:

Flange-beam – is a steel product with H-section. They are widely used in construction of crossovers and bridgeworks. I-beams are also often used to armour main shafts, in automobile industry and car-building.
The plant produces I-beams in the range from No.12 to No.16, length 12 m.

Channel section - is a steel product with flat-topped section. Channel sections are used in construction, automobile industry and in car-building.
The plant produces channel sections in the range from No.12 to No.18, length 12 m.

Angle section - is used to build different grid structures, to build interior structures and carcasses. Angle sections are used as reinforcement ribs in metal structures, e.g. loading, stair or interconnecting platforms, or as bracings. Also they are used for many other purposes. другое.
The plant produces angle sections in the range from 63 mm to 150 mm, length 12 m.

Reinforcing bar is referred to roll sections and represents metal rounds with longitudal stringers and cross-sectional ribs. Reinforcing bars are used to armour different reinforced concrete structures. Quality of reinforcing bars greatly influences strength and reliability of constructions.
The plant produces angle sections in the range from 8 mm to 36 mm, length 11.70 m.

Continuous cast square billets size 125 mm, length 6 m, they are used for manufacturing rolled sections.

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