In August 2010, ALZ LLP was registered as a participant of third tranche of Business Road Map 2020 Program - Improvement of Business Sector.
Our company was dynamically developing in 2006-2008, but in 2009 it experienced impact of the world economic crisis – lessening of demand and reduction of product prices with simultaneous increase in credit rates.
Akimat of Mangistau region regularly holds routine meetings to create awareness among the businessmen of the region about new business development opportunities.
During one of such meetings, “Damu” branch presented the “Business Road Map 2020” Program. Along with the presentation, “Damu” fund routinely advises the businessmen of the Program by answering multiple questions.
The key advantage of the Program is considerable reduction in interest burden through State subsidizing of remuneration rates on existing loans.
And drafting the Financial Recovery Plan is the first and perhaps the most important step of participating in the Program.
Many entrepreneurs mistakenly underestimate the importance of this step as they consider personal acquaintance with bank management to be the key point. In fact, the recovery plan is based on clear comprehension of factors that reasoned in financial difficulties, thorough evaluation of measures for cost optimization and maximization of budget revenues and expected results.
It is important not to try living and working in the same way as before the crisis, overrating own abilities and ignoring financial planning.
Besides, it is important to develop maximum trust relations with creditors, not to keep any information from them and achieve common apprehension of the current situation in order to avoid any conflict.
When Credit Committee of the Bank took positive decision, application for participation in recovery program was sent to “Damu” fund.
Further, representatives of “Atameken” NEC visited the enterprise and prepared corresponding economic decision for the working group of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.
During processing of our application, we did not suffer any prepossession, bureaucratic delays or administrative barriers which were inevitably to follow us according to opinion of skeptics.
It is worth mentioning that “Nur Otan” party ensured public control of the program implementation process.
The main lesson learned during first steps of the program implementation is that the Government gave us a helping hand proving that business and authorities can pull together quite successfully.
Experience of such cooperation in crisis period shall be extended to the following years of economic growth.

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